Wednesday, April 27, 2005

After I picked W up from school today, we all drove out to the Long Island Children's Museum to meet up with another hs'ing family. It was packed, the people were totally obnoxious, and the exhibits were boring and run by impatient morons. Gimme my city museums anytime. I'm never going to anything that Long Island considers a museum again. The only thing I like about Long Island over the past 10 years are some of the beaches and the fact that my mom lives there. That's about it.

W is not going back to his preschool. He was in time-out for the zillionth time and the teacher was a bit too nasty today for my liking. Preschool is supposed to be fun - like day camp in a way. W is not happy there anymore, so we're done. I'm not spending over $200 a month for my son to get yelled at all day. I can do that myself at home for free! (tee hee)

Tomorrow is take your daughter (and son) to work day. The girls are so excited and dh's work has a lot of activities planned for the kids. I'm going to stay home with W all day, clean the whole apartment, and wait for the cable guy to fix this digital crap we have.

(I have PMS today, can you tell??)

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Janet said...

Homeschooling preschool is a lot of fun! You guys will have a great time. You are right that preschool should be all about fun, certainly not being yelled at.