Wednesday, April 20, 2005

J and I did some LHBW this morning and I feel a bit sad that we're almost at the end of the book. LOL. I might get the next book, which I think is Little House on the Prairie. Later on, J and I somehow got on the subject of water and the whole water cycle. She was genuinely interested and we talked about evaporation, rainfall, reservoirs, oceans, and clouds. I'm trying not to make things too "teachy", but she asks tons of questions and I find it hard not to share everything I know about it. She's doing very well on her own now and is at the point where anything that even resembles busywork is not in her plan. Any specific subject "work" is either done hands-on, from a fun website, or discussed with me. She likes using workbooks mainly as a guide for something more interesting to do on her own now, but will occasionally do a page or 2 if she's in the mood. She changes how she wants to do things every week it seems. And that's ok.

I have a lot of things on the calendar coming up! Tomorrow is a big meeting with the dancing school teachers about which national competition we are going to. While the kids are in their 2-hour class, we parents meet in the bar across the street, get drinks, relax, and discuss. LOL. It's great, and the first round is always free! Friday we are either meeting up with J's new homeschooling friend (and her family) or heading out to a large homeschool "playgroup" - which may be canceled, not sure yet. This weekend J is going over her friend's house after Sunday School. This is a kid she was best friends with at her old dancing school a couple of years ago. All next week, K is off from school and we will be "doing Manhattan" a lot, hopefully. I have tons of places bookmarked that I just have to go to! Oh, and we can't forget educators week at Barnes and Noble!

The sprinklers at the playground by me were on today! It reached about 85 degrees here today. We were going to go, but I haven't even gotten the summer clothes from the basement yet. We'll be doing a lot of that though in the future.

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