Thursday, April 07, 2005

J and I were talking in the car this morning and I mentioned how I was so excited to go back to Barnes and Noble next week to get my 25% educator's discount. She asked how much I would save on the price and that started a whole discussion on percentages! I explained how easy it to figure out 10% and 50% and then we moved on to 20% and 25%. She saw how it all tied in with the fractions we did yesterday and she understood the whole thing. J likes to learn a new math concept and do lots of examples that either I make up or we find on a math website. Then she did a vocabulary CD Rom that was mainly a bunch of fun word games. After that, she wanted to read her Roald Dahl book (next to me while I read my own book) and she couldn't remember where she'd left it last! Total wasted reading opportunity!

I am having serious thoughts of homeschooling K eventually. This whole middle school drama/angst fest is driving me crazy. She's starting to become a basket case, worrying about everything from what she's wearing to who's saying what about whom. Thank goodness she is still getting straight As. I have to think long and hard about this decision. The family understood why I'm hs'ing J - they won't understand if I take K out as well (and W in a couple of years). And having my family's support means everything to me. I am really starting to see the ridiculousness of structured schooling. I have learned so much about the public school infrastructure over these past months and a lot of it makes me pretty angry. I don't know. I need to give this a lot of thought.

J had dance today. They're taking dance photos next month and the competition kids also get black and white group pictures and head shots done by a professional photographer! The school owner is going to arrange their headshots along the entrance hallway with a banner reading: "Meet The Company". Of course us parents all get copies of all the photos. That's going to be really cool. J also has another competiton coming up soon and nationals in July. I better start selling Mary Kay again so I can afford all of this! LOL!

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Janet said...

Your family might surprise you. After they see what a great job you are doing with J, they might be more supportive than you think. And if K and/or W are interested and enthusiastic and your husband supports the idea, that all carries much more weight than extended family. Not that it isn't easier with more support.