Monday, April 11, 2005

J read a short couple of paragraphs on the life cycle of grasshoppers and did some comprehension exercises on it in a little cheapo workbook she found. There were a few questions, matching definitions, and sequencing and it all took her about 10 minutes. She then wanted to paint with her new set of watercolors. She drew our parakeet and I think she did a pretty good job:

Jelly the parakeet (watercolor by J)

She and W played with a new plastic tea set I bought the other day at the mall. They both love playing "house" and making up different scenarios and using any kind of kitchen-y stuff. This afternoon we all drove to Flushing Meadow Park and met 2 other homeschooling families. W had 2 other boys his age he played with and there was a boy there J's age that she played with, but they really all played with each other. They went on the carousel a couple of times, got some hot pretzels, and basically ran around chasing each other and riding their scooters. It was great. We planned to meet up again real soon in Manhattan at the Natural History museum.

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Kathy said...

I really enjoy reading what you are up to. My oldest ds(16.5) just went to NYC last week with the finance club at his school and hasnt' stopped talking about it since. I lurk on the Unschooling board at IV but tend to follow a more Charlotte Mason home ed. approach. It must be really wonderful to have so many resources at hand.