Thursday, April 28, 2005

The girls had a great time at work today with B. He works on Park Avenue and K and J love it there. They made a collage, had a scavenger hunt, ate pizza, learned about B's company, decorated desserts, and got lots of gifts to bring home. All 3 kids have been playing very nicely together in K's room since they've been home. I hear a harmonica, a guitar, and a tambourine coming from in there. I wonder if being around each other all week is actually having a positive effect on them. Hmmmm. The girls each started their own blogs yesterday. I found a kid-friendly blog site for them. It would be pretty cool if they write in it regularly. J prefers keyboard writing over handwriting these days.

W asked to pleeeeeeease go to school this morning. Fine. I'm letting him decide for himself whether he wants to be there or not. He wants to go. I was a little hasty in making a decision yesterday without knowing the whole story. I spoke with the teacher today so I feel ok with letting him go back if he chooses.

Saturday is gardening day. I think we may need a full day for all we have to do. I am booking our flight to Florida in the morning as well. We're all going to go to J's national competition and make a nice famiy vacation out of it.

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