Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Another beautiful day today! J and I did LHBW this morning and she's just so into it. She hasn't tired of that book yet and that's a great sign. After that she did a page in her writing workbook. It was a puzzle where words are in code. Then she wanted to do math - fractions actually. She remembered how to reduce fractions to their lowest form so we did a few of those. We tried them a different way, too, where you write down all the factors for both the numerator and denominator and cancel out whatever is the same so your left with just the answer. Then she wanted something harder so we delved into adding fractions. We started with same denominator addition and then different denominator addition. I briefly explained that in order to add fractions you have to get both of them to the same denominator -and she picked it up so quickly. She kept asking me to give her more problems and she got each one correct. She covered so much math today! Playing with fractions gave her a chance to review a lot of multiplication and division as well.

After we picked up W we went over to visit our new homeschooling friends! They were such a nice family and J got along great with G, who is also 8. W was a bit trying today, but T (the mom) was amazing at redirecting him into something else. We had a nice lunch at her apartment and then took the kids to the playground. We had a really great time and I will definitely schedule another visit with them soon.

I'm starting to get more out into the homeschooling world! Over the next month I have on my schedule: an evening parents meeting with one group, 2 daytime get-togethers with another group, a park playdate with 3rd group, "educator's week" at Barnes & Noble, and a homeschool convention less than 1 hour away! There is also a full-day home education workshop in June I'd like to go to. I am jumping at every opportunity for J to make new friends (and me too!!) and for us to learn everything we can about homeschooling. I never knew there was so much out there!

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