Friday, April 08, 2005

J started with LHBW this morning and then she went to to take a little quiz on it. The quiz was 10 multiple choice questions on the whole book and she got 10/10 right. I only knew about 4 of them so I was pretty shocked that she remembered little details of chapters we read 1 1/2 months ago. I asked her why it came so easy for her at home but was so hard to take a test in school. She said everyone constantly asked the teacher for help and there was so much noise she couldn't concentrate. I definitely understood that. Then she wanted to do math so we went over the stuff we did on fractions and percentages, and threw some decimals in there as well (since they all connect). I found a practice 4th grade test online and she was able to tell me the correct answers to about 15 problems in a row. She likes doing these. I think she's proud of showing what she knows - especially since it was a 4th grade one. She ended the morning on the website and played a bunch of fun learning games.

Today at dance they went over technique and are starting some heavy duty practicing for the upcoming competition. They will also have summer classes - 2x a week tap and jazz and once a week for technique. Other classes are offered during the summer that the kids can take, such as cheerleading and hip hop. The company teams have the option to get unlimited classes at one set monthly price. I think we may go for that since J would go to dance lessons every day if she could! I was also considering letting J go there once or twice a week to help out the morning preschool dance classes. It's a 45 minute class that goes from September to June. She really loves little kids and has already expressed interest in it. I'll talk to the owner over the summer about it.

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