Sunday, April 10, 2005

B took J and W to the playground today. They rode their bikes and scooters and played with lots of other kids. I took K to the mall. She got some clothes and new sneakers and I got some summer shirts (5 short-sleeve tees for $19!!!). At the foodcourt we had Japanese - she had sushi. The family next to us were audibly amazed that this child over here was eating that. It was kind of funny. Hey, what can I say, she knows what she likes! The mall is always fun for K and she told me several times how much she likes hanging out with me. Cool.

I'm meeting another homeschooling mom tomorrow. Her kids are around my kids' ages, and she seemed really nice on the phone, so it sounds like fun. In the evening I want to go to a hs group's meeting. I don't know if I want to join this one, but it'll be fun to check out. It feels as if there is this whole secret homeschooling "underworld" that no one knows about and that I'm getting to be a part of. Meetings, playgroups, conventions, workshops, special discounts, email groups, webrings, seminars, ... the list goes on. It's so great.

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