Tuesday, April 12, 2005

J loves working with fractions. She asked to "do fractions" again today. I just opened to a page in her old school workbook and said, "how about this". That's basically how we do things now. She is responding well to having freedom in her choices and I'm happy that she's happy. She's reading a new book now called Time Cat by Lloyd Alexander. She saw me reading this morning (I'm trying to get through all the library books I took out) and grabbed her book and joined me. Wow, huh? She also read a bit of it this evening, too. I'm not saying another word about that or I'll jinx it.

She said she is interested in learning about Ancient Egypt. She remembered seeing it in the book with the Stone Age stuff, so we'll read about it together and do some fun projects. She is dying to make a pyramid so that will be one of the first things we'll do - maybe out of sugar cubes or marshmallows or something. I remember how much she loved the Egyptian Room at the Metropolitan Museum of Art so I'm thinking this will be real interesting for her. The book I have contains tons of pictures and crafts, too, but it's not babyish at all. You know, letting J decide what she wants to do everyday is working out much better than I thought it would. My giving her "assignments" seems so silly now since she's doing totally fine on her own. I like following her lead and providing the resources to help her. I still make suggestions when she looks a bit bored or restless, but even that's happening less and less lately.

Now tomorrow I need to buy J new jazz shoes, wash her team gear outfit, and go through all her competition stuff so we're ready for this weekend. I want to go to Michael's craft store and get a bunch of new supplies for the kids - and see about an educator's discount! - I'm all about those now! LOL!!

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