Friday, April 01, 2005

I always feel so happy on Fridays. Much more relaxed and patient for some reason. J had dance today and K came with us. K and W usually stay with MIL. We walked over to the library and I found some great homeschooling books that I have been meaning to buy. Good, I can read them for free now! I'm always up for new ideas. I also found a book on Little House crafts. I think J will love that. Then we stopped at the dollar store and of course I found a ton of things I needed. K bought chinese slippers, I got some picture frames, a set of paintbrushes, Sharpie markers, a really large spatula, needles and thread, and a suit bag (for J's dance costumes) all for $.99 each (Ok, the slippers were $1.59). The things I buy at dollar stores always seem to last longer than the expensive stuff. Why is that?

J was being particularly creative today. She and W made up a silly language and then created this fantasy world with magic carpets and adventure. It was fun to watch! I do believe she learned a lot this week even though we didn't follow any kind of schedule. I wouldn't be able to tell you what it is she actually learned, though. I wasn't paying that much attention to all the playing she did. Maybe I should have written down what I saw and then see if I could translate it into something that sounds educational. Ugh. I need to start really researching how to do that. At least if I saw her reading or watching something educational or writing something I would feel better. I'm not as concerned as I was a few weeks ago, though. The more articles I read about unschooling and deschooling, the more I understand the process.

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