Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Today is my 12th wedding anniversary! B surprised me this morning with a gold and diamond claddagh ring. The hands open to reveal the word "eternity" inside. I was overwhelmed. Maybe one of these days we'll go for our annual all-encompassing dinner and movie. It's funny, at dinner we toast our glasses and say, "Happy birthday, Valentine's Day, anniversary, Mothers Day, and Father's Day!". Can't wait! We're due for it soon!

I had the MRI today, too. It wasn't so bad. I dreaded laying there totally still for 45 minutes, but I passed the time saying the rosary and counting. I thought there would be music playing or something but not today. Now I wait until Saturday morning for the biopsy and MRI results. I hope this week goes fast!

I'm very nervous about the results and could use some more prayers. Please leave some for me in the comments. Thanks!

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Lisa Moore said...

Prayers are going up on your behalf ! Lisa aka chickenlittlesmama