Monday, April 18, 2005

We were at mom's all weekend. The kids missed Sunday school as we were all exhausted from getting up at 5am the day before and being out all day. They had fun playing tag with the neighbor kids all afternoon. So, as the kids are running around the backyard, they look up and see 3 ducks flying by. Then the ducks dive-bomb down and land in mom's pool. The pool is covered and there's a foot or so of rainwater on top. The ducks got comfortable really quick and about an hour later were all snuggle into themselves resting. It was adorable and I took a couple of pictures. The 2 males are the greenish-headed ones and the brown female is behind the one on the left:


I am pretty sure 2 of these ducks visited Mom last year and hung out on her front lawn for 3 days. Now there's 3 of them - could one be a baby from last spring?

J wanted to "do science" first thing this morning. In my huge order from bookcloseouts there is a great science book that has daily problems for kids to do. Today she chose to do leaf rubbings so we went to the front garden and plucked 4 different kinds of leaves out of the ground to bring upstairs (grass, tulip, lily, and a small broad one). She found this pretty cool and we talked about the shapes of the leaves and the purpose of the veins and stems. Then she found another daily problem about heat conductors and playground equipment. She named things that get hot quickly and things that stays cool and why that is.

I have a few scheduled get-togethers with the homeschool families we met. I love that there are kids J's age and they get along great! There's also kids W's age and he played so good with them. K has 3 or 4 birthday parties to go to in the next few weeks. Her class has 4 museum trips scheduled and her statewide math test is tomorrow. Ok, my MRI is tomorrow. I don't know how I'm going to lie still for 45 minutes. I hope I don't freak out.

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