Friday, January 20, 2006

As soon as J woke up, she pushed in the trundle (that K has been sleeping on! LOL), made her bed, and put away whatever was out. I'm glad she's taking pride in her re-done bedroom. Since she has been showing an interest in sewing, I ordered her a cute sewing machine that we can use together. She can't wait for it to get here. After having some leftover Chinese soup for breakfast *g*, she read W his storybook from school and filled in the first line of his reading log. We drove W to school, left the car there, and walked back. It was soooooo gorgeous out today.

J and I played with some 6th grade Brainquest cards for a little while and she went on a math website to do a quiz while eating lunch. Those Brainquest cards are a great starting point for further research - and lots of questions! We walked back to get W, drove to pick up K, and headed out to dance class. The class worked on technique, a few numbers going to competition next month, and solos. J was complimented several times by the teachers on leg position and expression. Good. They're not too generous with the compliments, so that made J feel great.

I'm so glad it's Friday. I'll probably stay up too late and sleep too late tomorrow. Well, at least the apartment is pretty clean. All I have to do is put away laundry and clean K's room (in addition to the regular daily stuff). I'm ready for the weekend!

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Patrice said...

Ah I love sleeping in. And staying up late. And Chinese soup for breakfast--I wonder if that's a NY thing LOL! Sounds like just what J needed.

NYCitymomx3 said...

My kids will eat anything for breakfast. I'm good with coffee. LOL!