Friday, January 06, 2006

J played around on a website about energy today. It's Friday, so I tried getting a head start on the weekend cleaning. I swear I'm going to stick to my routine next week (broken record, I know). J has also been playing W's NintenDogs game - which is cool because there's some math and logic involved with that. She updated her website again, putting in a new background, icons, and a streaming photo thingy that I have no idea how she figured out how to do. She put a music video on it as well as a moving banner. J and K are both learning so much HTML. K was showing me how to get what she wanted on her website and I was lost after about a minute.

J's January competition was cancelled so their first one will be in February. The costumes are pretty much all ready except for the tons of "stoning" we parents have to do. Everything needs rhinestones, you know. I actually enjoy it - it's cathartic and it relieves stress. Kinda like I hear knitting does - which is something else I plan on learning how to do real soon.

K is getting her grades up at school. Her LA teacher raved about her essay and told her she's proud of her for improving so much {this after failing every test since September and the teacher calling me about K's preoccupation with friends, boys, and gum chewing}. K is a very gifted writer and I feel she should do more of it. She has been published 3 times in a children's poetry anthology series and has won top honors in the past for research papers and presentations. I always sucked at reports, but I enjoyed writing poems. B writes (or co-writes) all the songs for his band so I'll assume K gets this talent from him! W got his school pictures today and I have to say he is the most handsome kid I've ever seen - even with the little booboo on his nose. He is still refusing to wear his uniform at school, but I was told they will be strictly enforcing that rule over the next few weeks. We'll see how THAT goes.

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