Monday, January 16, 2006

We did it. We went to Ikea this morning, bought tons of stuff, and redid J and W's room. We got the trundle bed, a closet, 2 floor lamps, a hanging canopy, a cute throw rug, some quilt covers, hangers, light bulbs, 2 rows of hooks to hang coats, a curtain rod, purple finials, some stuff for the kitchen, and some pillowcases and sheets for B and me. I think we spent about $400 for everything. We also ate a nice breakfast there (eggs, bacon, potatoes) for $.99 a plate with free coffee! I spent most of the day assembling everything and I have to say the room looks fantastic! J is thrilled to death and said it feels like her own room. W loves it, too. He was so excited to sleep in the trundle bed. But, he'd still rather crawl in with me and B. LOL.

K and J were surprisingly nice and generous to each other today. K has been downright nasty lately with a mouth on her I can't believe. I talked to B again about homeschooling her and he nods his head in agreement, but never seems to actually say, "hey that's a great idea, let's just go for it". I don't think he's totally on the same page as me yet. If she's still in school for high school, I think we'll go with a nearby charter school. It's small and cozy and is ranked highly (not that ranking means anything to me anymore, though). She's all for it. And she's coming a little closer to understanding what homeschooling is all about. Last week when I spoke about what she could do if she were homeschooled, she said she 'just couldn't wrap her head around the whole concept'. I know what she means. I couldn't either a few years ago. Maybe she just needs to really see more of what we do. I don't mention it frequently at all - I'm sure that would just push her totally away from the idea. So, we're still taking it day by day with her.

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Patrice said...

It sounds promising. Wouldn't it be nice to pull her out for a month? Hopefully it will click with her soon!

NYCitymomx3 said...

Yes it would. She just needs to want to - for herself and understand why. So, I'm probably not going to mention it again and just let her experience what h/s is through me and J. That might work!

Dar said...

Oooh, I love IKEA! It's one of the things I really miss out here in Kansas - last year for R's birthday we redid her whole room with IKEA stuff.

I can see how homeschooling would be hard to wrap one's mind around, especially unschooling. At least she knows it's an option, and in the future she may feel differently about it.