Saturday, January 07, 2006

I'm reading Learning All the Time by John Holt as well as The Teenage Liberation Handbook. I left the latter in the car and was too lazy to go out and get it, so I picked up Holt's book again! It's really very good. Holt is talking about reading, writing, spelling, and numbers and makes a great statement on page 53: "...our minds are much more powerful when discovering than memorizing". I wonder why so many people just don't get that.

J had dance rehearsal today and B took all the kids so I got a couple of hours to veg out by myself. Later on, I found a website that listed a bunch of "kindergarten words" and W came right over to read them to me. I was just looking for my own interest, but I found that W cannot resist showing me what he knows. He read me most of them and only got stuck on some "ing" and other tricky words. I love that he has learned to read words (and sentences) without any curriculum or assignments. He just wants to.

A cartoon brought about some curiosity for J about William Tell and B noticed how readily J asks questions. She was IM'ing her friend, S, this afternoon and I saw as she was writing about some celebrity, she simultaneously googled the name and copied and pasted the website link for her friend to see. She maneuvers the computer like a pro now. Just watching the kids throughout the day has really opened my eyes. I am finding unschooling so much more effective than school or other homeschooling methods. I can only imagine how far my kids could go if they're able to learn everything like this.

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