Saturday, January 28, 2006

Today was a looong day of dance. I brought J's costumes to work on there, but got too interested in watching the kids rehearse! A guest was there to day to critique the numbers and choose some kids for a lyrical number to go to competition. We got there at 1:30 and finished up around 6. No word yet on which kids made it. The owner bought everyone pizza and soda, too. And we moms bought some beer for the adults! J has dress rehearsal tomorrow. P finished up her costume and I can't believe how great it looks. I'll take a picture soon.

The kids have been complaining about going to Sunday school. Basically, they hate it. I hated it too when I went as a child. I feel it's important that the kids make their sacraments, but not as much as I used to. I think they shouldn't have to go if they don't want to. It never made me a better Catholic. I'm thinking about dropping it completely. But of course my mom is being weird about them never being able to get married in a church. What?? Of course they can. Even if certain sacraments are required, they can always make them as adults - if they choose to. I am so amazed at how ingrained certain customs are. People always just obediently go with the flow even when miserable about it. I don't get that. I'll talk with B about it and make a decision by next week.

J started a journal! She got the idea from a book she likes that is in the form of a preteen's journal - that shows lots of writing (thoughts, ideas, etc), drawings, and snippets taped in. She wants to make hers like that. I'm glad she's writing again. I mean she does a lot of keyboard typing, but except for a few page-long celebrity fan letters, she hasn't done much pencil/pen writing. I'm going to leave her be with it, or she might think of it as an "assignment" (God forbid!) and lose interest. She wrote in it for over an hour tonight! woooohooo.

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Patrice said...

Oh they can definitely do it later. I was not a cradle Catholic. I was married in the Church and was baptised, had first Communion and Confirmed 6 months later. When I went through this, there were many people there just getting Confirmed as adults. I just couldn't take Communion during my wedding (but the girls are older than first communion age) and we were able to do Pre Cana.

That's cool about the journal. I wish I had a journal from my past to laugh at now. hahaha. I remember some of the things I thought were so important back in the days. It would be fun to remember some of what I was thinking. Good for her!