Tuesday, January 03, 2006

School went well for both kids today. W has a trip coming up next week to some "fun factory". I hope I can chaperone. I'm too nervous to let him go without me. At home, J worked in her new activity book, doing crossword puzzles, wordfinds, coded messages, and fill-ins on animals, nature, and the parts of a rain forest. Each page is prefaced by an informative paragraph with highlighted vocabulary words. She did about 5 or 6 pages while I read my own book nearby. After about 30 minutes she asked me to check out how cool the book was and we did a few pages together.

W had hip-hop class tonight. He really missed it over the vacation! Here he is (the little one in the red shirt) just coming out of a triangle formation, jogging over to his next spot. Since W is at the front everyone else gets into place based on where he is standing, so the teacher put a blue dot on the floor. W never misses the spot now! J has a competition and 2-day workshop coming up in a few weeks. The workshop is about 6 hours each day and the competition is right afterwards on the first day. She'll be in 3 numbers (no solos at this one) so it's gonna be a looong weekend.


Patrice said...

So not fair! I did so much homeschooling research in NY before we left and everything I found online was always upstate or Jersey. I wish I didn't like Nashville as well. I'd love to go back home, darn cost of living. I'm going to check out that site though.

How cool about the sleepover birthday party. It's nice having a bestfriend who is homeschooled. Is G unschooled as well?

Patrice said...

Oops, meant to post this in your Wednesday entry. LOL! I'm going to copy and paste it there.

BTW, sounds like alot of fun dancing. :)