Wednesday, January 04, 2006

J was all into math today. After W went to school she asked me to find her a good math website. So I brought up, which is a new one for her and not so bad. She started on the 4th grade pages, but most of the examples were way too easy (she covered a lot of it in 2nd grade). But she liked playing around with the charts, 3-D shapes, perimeter and area, and <=>. She spent over 1 1/2 hours on it. In the afternoon she had 2 hours of dance technique class and we got to bring a couple of costumes home. At home she talked with he friend, G, on the phone. G is homeschooled, too, and was inviting J to her sleep-over birthday party.

There's a great new NYC homeschool website I recently found out about. Check it out! I'm adding it to my sidebar!


PAtrice said...

So not fair! I did so much homeschooling research in NY before we left and everything I found online was always upstate or Jersey. I wish I didn't like Nashville as well. I'd love to go back home, darn cost of living. I'm going to check out that site though.

How cool about the sleepover birthday party. It's nice having a bestfriend who is homeschooled. Is G unschooled as well?

NYCitymomx3 said...

The website is brand new. I like it. Her story is inspiring.

G is not unschooled. They follow a "what your xx grader should know" plan. It seems to work for them, although I know G's older brother has asked to go to school and will start in Sept.