Sunday, January 22, 2006

I was up til after 3am stoning J's dance costumes. Yawn. B spent about 2 hours sewing patches on the pants for the tap number. He loves being involved in all this dance stuff. And the costumes look really great! J had 4 hours of dance yesterday and 3 hours today. My mom picked K up at the dance studio today and took her to the mall for a while. K got a bunch of stuff from Abercrombie & Fitch and American Eagle. She had an A&F gift card from Christmas and was eager to spend it. Mom bought out the rest of the stores for her, lol. She got J a tiny digital camera on a keychain and W a cool spinning top that has lights and comes with a launcher. B spent the day bonding with W. They took a walk to 7-11 for some snacks, played baseball in the backyard, and lit a wood fire in the barbecue. Mom and K got here at about 6pm and thankfully the apartment was nice and clean {you know how moms are}! Mom loved J's "new" room, too.

Tomorrow W has no school so we are actually going to be able to get to a homeschool group event! I thought maybe K would maybe want to maybe take the day off from school and maybe come with us, but no such luck. I'm still reading TTLHB and now The Unschooling Handbook again. My favorite part of the UHB is at the very end when everyone sums up their version of what unschooling is, what it means to them, what they've learned, and how wonderful it's been for the kids. I am mailing my 2nd quarterly report tomorrow - that took all of 3 minutes to update, print, sign, and stuff in an envelope. I'm sending it receipt requested, since the supt office always seems to "lose" my correspondence. That's ok, I know my butt's covered! Also, I happened to check out the typical course of study and except for 2 math topics, J has covered absolutely everything "scheduled" for this school year (4th grade) already. Can unschooling really be that thorough? Can a child with no formal lessons stay on grade level? Does a child really learn when they have total education freedom?



Patrice said...

Ooh you know I've had that book forever and I have never read it. Time to open it up. hahahaha.

But freedom is right. I remember being my oldest's age--although I was in first grade since we didn't have to deal with silly cutoffs then--and we had a sub and I was afraid to ask to go to the bathroom. I held it in all day b/c of that. My kids never have to deal with that. That makes me happy. There's more, but that memory is one thing I'm glad my kids won't have to deal with.

NYCitymomx3 said...

Girl, you better read that book.

J went through the bathroom thing, too. So did I. I remember in 8th grade I wasn't allowed to go because she said I was only going to comb my hair (remember how cool pocket combs were?). Later on, some kid goofed on my messy hair. (I saw him again in a bar years later and after he hit on me all night I reminded him about the hair comment in 8th grade and told him to go scratch, ha ha ha).