Tuesday, January 17, 2006

J and I went to the eye doctor this afternoon and it seems that she needs glasses. She has been squinting a lot over the past few months so I figured as much. She has very slight myopia and won't need to wear them all the time - just at the movies or to see anything else far away. She doesn't have to wear them at dance class yet, but by the time she does I'll probably have contact lenses for her. She's kind of excited about it and picked out really cute frames. I feel a bit sad about it. I started wearing glasses at her age and I still hate them. I mainly wear contacts, except at night at home. Well, at least she won't feel like the only one - now all of us wear glasses except W.

W had hip-hop class tonight. The teacher tends to focus on him a lot and today danced right next to him several times making sure W got it right. In the last few classes he has improved so much. He loves it and I can see he really tries his best there. The fact that it's all boys and taught by 2 guys (macho types, with girlfriends) helps W not feel like dancing is only for girls. Being one of the few boys in the dance world, he could really go far with it if he chooses to continue. I'm proud of him.

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Patrice said...

How cool that he has seemed to find his niche in the class. It's so important for boys these days as well as girls to find their comfort levels. Good for him!

NYCitymomx3 said...

Yeah. 2 of the boys on J's team have pretty unsupportive dads. I mean puh-lease. Just pretend it's football, ok? LOL