Monday, January 02, 2006

The kids went out with B today to spend more money at Target. The girls bought pedicure kits and roll-on color thingy for their hair. I did both their hair when they got home. J got streaks of red and blue. K tried all the blondes and browns, but every color seemed to be the same as her own hair color. We ended up going with a pretty shade of peach. W bought a Scooby Doo shaving kit and Pokemon cards. W's favorite Christmas gift is the shaving kit B and I got him. Of course, it's the one that cost the least (less than $10, I think). He "shaves" several times a day, with B's shaving cream and a sinkful of water. The kit we got him has a razor, a buzzer, clippers, and scissors, all made of cheap plastic. The kit he bought today has real kiddy shaving cream, hair gel, and another play razor. I swear it's the cutest thing watching him concentrate on shaving just like dad.

K is looking forward to school starting back up tomorrow. At some point today she did say she hates school. I heard her, I know it. I think she loves the friends and social life, but hates some of the teachers and work. But that's probably true for most kids in this country. I plan on taking her to a few homeschool events over the next few months. I want her to want to homeschool. I have come to find it so superior to anything else. But, it's her call. I can't force her to live her life the way I feel is best. Well, I can, but then I'd have a resentful, miserable teen on my hands who will blame me for anything bad in her life. But then again, most schooled teens are that way anyway. LOL!

J has been watching Degrassi with us lately. Now we've moved on from the DVDs to the newer ones on tv. I still think it's a bit risque, but I'll admit, they do talk about issues in a way the kids understand. I always thought of myself as "the cool mom" and wanted to always be open and honest with the kids. Now that the girls are at an age to start, um, knowing stuff, I feel a lot less comfortable than I thought I would. The great thing is that they ask me to watch it with them and I will explain some things they don't understand. Sigh. I can't believe they are 9 and 12. Where did the time go?


Patrice said...

I love Degrassi. I have so say, some of the Canadian tween shows are so much better than the American ones. Has K said anything new about homeschooling?

NYCitymomx3 said...

K hasn't said anything at all. I brought it up again the other day and she admitted that she just can't wrap her mind around homeschooling at all. I guess that just means I need to show her more of what it's really like!