Friday, January 13, 2006

J started out today reading her National Geographic Kids magazine. Later on, she helped W get to his computer game page and made soup for brunch. After we dropped W off at preschool, J made a photo collage for her friend, S, from dance. S had a bunch of pics on her website - including a few baby photos - and J got really creative with them. She printed it out and gave it to S at dance that afternoon. She also updated her own website today with new photos and icons. And now that K has an Ipod Nano, J got to have her old mp3 player, so she's been all into that lately.

I decided to change J's room around so she has more private "girly" space. She currently shares the bedroom with W, while K has her own bedroom. (W crawls into bed w/B and me anyway and couldn't care less about having any bedroom, actually). In a year or so, that room will go to W, and K will share the room with J again. J was really upset the other day over the fact that she'll never have her own room and hates being the middle child. So, I feel she deserves some new embellishments. She outlined a plan for how she wants things to be and is eager to get started on it with me. This will involve a trip to Ikea for some cool new stuff. She was estimating measurements to figure where the new bed should be and how that would correspond with the dresser and space for her table.

Yes, I'm getting her a new bed. Their old beds are taken-apart-bunkbeds and they're too huge for the room. This is what we've decided on in white. W will use the underbed and when K moves back in, I'll get her the same one. The underbed part turns into lots of storage when the mattress is taken out. I'm picking it up this weekend, along with a hanging canopy, a small rug, a floor lamp, a small table and 2 chairs, and a few storage pieces.

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Patrice said...

Nice bed. I'm trying to figure out the kids rooms for when we move in May. We are lucky enough to have been picked for a 4 bedroom house (did I tell you we were getting a Habitat home?) since they say when you have 3 kids they usually give you a three bedroom and I have no ideas except for paint color for our oldest daughter b/c she picked it. It's weird to me. LOL!

Patrice said...

BTW, I totally understand the middle child thing. This past Sunday just my son and I took in a movie b/c he wanted to see it, needed to be away from his sisters and have some special time. Not saying that the oldest or youngest doesn't need this as well, but he really appreciated his date with Mom. :)

NYCitymomx3 said...

How do you get a Habitat house? Do you get to pick the neighborhood you want? Do you pay a mortgage? Or is that covered? I want one too! LOL

That's nice that you and ds went out by yourselves. Since J and I are together a lot, I try and make the one-on-one times with K. Kids never forget that kind of stuff!

Patrice said...

Well here in Nashville, they pick the community. They made it a subdivision. We're lucky b/c it's right down the block from where we live now and we love our neighborhood. I'm not sure if the rules vary from place to place but once we were accepted, we started paying our closing costs which will equal 2000--some areas like a town west of us, closing is 500 so it depends. The best part is our mortgage will be less than our rent--woo hoo! Our mortgage for a 4 bedroom house will be 450/mo which includes insurance and although I'm not too jazzed about having a Homeowners Association, the fees for that are 100 something a year. Not bad at all. The house is not too big either, just around 1200 sq ft which is cool b/c I don't care for big at all. You might want to check out to check out how they do it in NYC. I'm not sure if they have it in all the boroughs.

BTW, you are so right about the one on one time. It's good for the kids and for the parents too. It was fun to see his personality away from his sisters. I can't wait to do it with his little sister as well when she's older. I've done it with our oldest and had fun as well.