Monday, January 23, 2006

J and W made a puppet theater out of a big cardboard box. Each decorated one side and J cut a square out of the middle. She opened up the box, took one side off and has it standing up with two sides folded back. They plan on putting on a show soon. We had a great time today at the homeschool group get-together! Today was "Present This" day, so a bunch of the kids did a show-and-tell of their favorite thing from home. Then all the kids played while the moms chatted. There was another girl there J's age and they got along very well. W played with her brother who is 3 (and very cute!). The rest of the kids were all 9-10 y/o boys who kept mainly to themselves playing "boy stuff" of no interest to the girls, lol. We enjoyed it very much and plan to go to more of them - even keeping W home from school.

With January being National Hobby Month, K is teaching me to knit. I am constantly reading about all these knitting things going on and it looks like so much fun. It took a while, but I think I got the hang of it. Now I want to go to Michael's Craft and get my own knitting stuff!

The girls had Musical Theater this afternoon and B had rehearsal with his band. I cut B's hair yesterday with the buzzer set at #1. I think it came out pretty durn good. These home haircuts should save us a whopping $50 a year. We have been spending too much on take-out again. B came home with $37 worth of White Castle the other day. I didn't know people could actually spend that much on White Castle! Jeez! So, I'm going to become the family money saver again. I need to dig up all my old thrifty tips from several years ago (when B lost his job - that was an amazing experience and a long story for another day).


Patrice said...

Hahaha, remember when White Castle used to be cheap? LOL I cut Patrick's and my son's hair. It's so much more convenient--although Patrick always likes his cuts I always worry since his hair is straight--straight hair is so hard for me to cut. Our son has curly hair and it always comes out looking nice. hahahaha.

I LOVE finding a good bargain and being sorta cheap. I think even if we were to ever come inot money, I would be frugal, it just doesn't seem satisfying shooping and not getting a deal. Good for you.

And how cool getting to go to a Homeschool event. I bet it was a breath of fresh air.

BTW, what show did your kids do with their puppet theatre?

NYCitymomx3 said...

They made up their own weird show and just laughed hysterically throughout the whole thing. It was so fun. Puppet theater is ready for the recycling bin now, lol!

Patrice said...

LOL! Well at least they had fun. hahahahaha