Thursday, January 19, 2006

W has letter tiles (single letters and combinations) that we played with together this morning. He created nonsense word that I pronounced for him, LOL, and I made words that he sounded out. He made his name and J's name, too. J spent a lot of time today on her American Girl dolls, dressing and redressing them on the floor of her beautiful, "new" room. later on she updated her website a bit and her blog. I suggested using the blog (or creating another one) for journaling all the things she does during the day - but she had no interest in that. She's just not a diary keeper. But, she has been reading a lot more lately! She has her own reading area with a rocking chair and lamp. She even shoos W out of the room so she can concentrate! Her newest interest is sewing, so she's asking for a sewing machine so she can create new "fashions" and dance outfits for Marisol that match hers. Did you know that Marisol means "ladybug" in Spanish?

B is home today (doc appt) and is brought K and W to school, picked them up, and brought J to dance. This is giving me a chance to catch up on some cleaning. I need to help K with her room either tonight or tomorrow and bring down all the bags that belong in the basement. Everything is so peaceful around here when there's no clutter or mess.

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Patrice said...

Sounds really nice. :) I cannot wait to set up rooms. I think the kids will love having their own spaces since right now the three of them are sharing one room and there's no way to make it individualized for them at all. It's nice that she's able to have that while sharing a room. :)

I need decluttering help. I'm so bad at that.

NYCitymomx3 said...

You have to get creative when kids share a room. Both my girls at age 9 started feeling the need for privacy and their own "places of solitude", lol. Even something as simple as a hanging net canopy can give them that.

I want to invent a decluttering machine. Otherwise, the only way to conquer the clutter is to put away a bunch of things every time you get up for something else.