Friday, January 27, 2006

J took a couple of science and language arts quizzes today on She always has such a great time with quizzes (now, not when she was in school). Today's were mainly about weather (the greenhouse effect, cumulonimbus clouds, etc) and antonyms. We drove out to pick up some new jazz shoes this afternoon when we got home, she worked on her blog for a while. W learned about the Chinese New Year today in school and ate Chinese food and got a balloon. K and her friends threw a birthday party for a girl in their class who doesn't have any friends. She said they just wanted to do something nice to make her feel good about herself. Wow. They decorated one of the classrooms during lunch (The teacher let them use the room during the free period) and surprised the girl with a small cake, cookies, balloons, some little gifts, and a big card signed by everyone. I am so proud of her.

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Patrice said...

See that's so sad about school. I'm glad K did that. In JHS, I was that girl. I went from having friends to not having friends in a snap. Ugh.

Yay Chinese New Year. I was born in the year of the Dog. I was so surprised it was that time again, I can't remember how many times it comes around.