Friday, January 27, 2006

I feel tons better today. I'm not going to worry about anything in my life at all. I don't need to. We are all happy and healthy and I don't need to put any effort into trying to live up to someone else's definition of "ideal". I'm not going to mention homeschooling to K again. She knows it's always there if she chooses it. As for W, I'll always be ready for him to stay home, but again, I need it to be his own choice - without coaxing - or he'll be resentful and miserable. He likes school, but has complaints already, so we'll see. He prefers the fun outings with J and me and the h/s group events. I will be taking him out of school on the up-coming event days. I am glad that the kids got to experience school, though. I feel that J probably appreciates homeschooling moreso than a child who has never gone to school. She'll never be wondering what it was like. Several people I know have kids who asked to go to school around middle school age. The kids see and hear so much about school (completely idealized) on tv and through friends that how can they not want to try it?? I read a lot about kids returning home after a year or two of school. I'm sure now they realize how good they really had it! LOL!

I started perusing some college websites and came across which gives lots of details. I was looking at Barnard with J in mind (not that I'm picking her college, but I like seeing what's out there). She's such a homebody and so like me that she probably wouldn't want to go away for college. Barnard is right in Manhattan (Morningside Heights), affiliated with Columbia University (which is right across the street), very selective, and according to the reviews, one of the top colleges in the country. Their website mentions the admissions process for homeschoolers and stresses that they do not need to obtain a GED. They say that "In addition to their high school records, recommendations, and standardized test scores, the candidates' special abilities and interests are also given careful consideration". I'm sure this is the same admissions policy for most colleges.

After I picked up K yesterday our coversation was as follows:

ME: I was looking at colleges online today.
K: Yeah?
ME: Do you think you'd want to go away to co---
K: YES!!!!!

So, my girls are polar opposites. Whaddayagonnado? I know I'm crazy to look at colleges this early - I mean they're only 12 and 9 - but it's necessary for me to try and untangle (or at least be prepared for) any foreseeable snags in the road and not to be caught offguard with unpleasant surprises. I'm anal and I know it (being a first-born and a Virgo it's a given). J and I are already creating a long list of places she'd like to volunteer or take classes at in the future. Of course it'll change a hundred times by then, but it's fun exploring how open the world is for her.

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Patrice said...

Oh no, a weirdo Virgo. hahahahaha. A crazy firstborn too. LOL! This coming from the youngest of 2 Leos (be afraid, be very afraid--my poor Capricorn Mom LOL!)

It's always good to see what's going on. My son just turned 4--this is why it's taken me so long to post again, my son turned 4 and my baby turned 2 on Saturday--and I'm thinking culinary schools for him already since he's taken a liking to cooking. Now he might change his mind, but at least if he doesn't, he can always come to mom asking questions.

I'm a homebody too. I wanted to go away to college badly, and it never happened--so I'm a Hunter College graduate. hahahaha. That's cool about not having to get a GED. I never understood that.