Thursday, March 31, 2005

I realized that my headaches were caused by lack of coffee. I guess I'm addicted to the stuff. Now that the weather is getting warmer I might return to my 100% raw diet. I did this for about 8 months last year and felt terrific. In mid headache last night I saw Carol Alt on TV talking about how she only eats raw food. I think it was a sign. I enjoyed that way of eating more than anything. I have always done things against the grain in my family. They have actually all finally stopped thinking I'm nuts. They were very uncomfortable with my extended breastfeeding and the cloth diapers just threw them for a loop. I mean, everyone was accepting, but I got a lot of rolled eyes thrown my way. And I used unbleached prefolds and covers - I was no nonsense, darnit! I also carried my children around in a sling. What a lifesaver that thing was - especially with W. I had an OTSBH and I couldn't have lived without it. I used to nurse him in it no matter where we were. Then the way I fed my kids was always different. I never let them have soda - or milk for that matter (it's makes all 3 of them so full of mucus it wakes them up at night). We shop at Whole Foods or Trader Joes a lot and buy all natural, organic, or raw food. The kids LOVE "going healthy" with me. They could drink homemade fresh juice all day. I even went 8 weeks without using any shampoo or other hair products. You just rinse it with water. I read about others trying it and that it's supposed to bring your hair to amazingly beautiful place. Well, it didn't. LOL. And now that I'm homeschooling, well that's just the icing on my natural cake. I love all of it, though. I will never be a blind sheep following the crowd. Here are pictures of W in a Stacinator diaper cover and a Bummies(?) animal print cover (prefolds are inside the covers):

I took the kids to the playground yesterday. K says she is too old for the playground but I know she had fun anyway. She and J were flipping upside-down on the high bar and taking running leaps to grab the handle that slides across another long bar. W was playing with a little girl named Dashvi and a boy named Matteo. With Dashvi, he spoke gently, asked if she wanted a push on the swing, asked if she wanted to go on the slide ("don't be scared I'll go with you"), and do you want to try my scooter. With Matteo it was fists up and "AAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRR" and chasing each other, and rough play. Interesting. Then he saw a few big boys (age 10, 11?) playing basketball and he asked if he could play, too. I was about to go get him but they passed him the ball and he passed it back. When he had the ball he ran around with it waiting for his "teammate" to be next to him to pass it. It was awesome watching these kids play together like that. They were so nice to W and played with him for 1/2 hour before we had to go home. We ended the night watching Shark Tale from Blockbuster with a big bag of popcorn (Oh, and we watched Lost and American Idol too, of course!).


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Janet said...

We used only cloth diapers on Maddie until she was 6 months old. Even away from home. Then we both got the flu and it was just too much changing and washing when we were both sick. But there is nothing better than folding a big basket of freshly laundered diapers!