Wednesday, August 24, 2005

The girls have finally stopped going to bed after midnight and waking up after 11am. The "Annie" time schedule is wearing off, thankfully. This morning they were both up at around 9. Right before they awoke, W wanted to "do a project", so he chose to cut out an outline of a boat I drew on folded paper. He gets so excited when he finishes cutting and it's time to open the folded paper. He's getting better at using the scissors. After that he sat down to draw. I gave him the suggestion of drawing his favorite part of the "3 Little Pigs" and he started drawing a house. He drew a nice house with a roof, windows, and a door with doorknob. Then he complained that he really wanted to make an OPEN door so the pig could come out, but it's too late. I said to maybe draw the pig in the window. He said but he won't be able to come out. I said he could because you drew a doorknob. W said YES, BUT NOT ON THE INSIDE!

We "did words" after that on MS Word. He typed out his full name and I gave him 3-letter words to type starting with "A". We got up to "I" and he was done. We stayed home today - I cleaned and got ready for our trip tomorrow. We're going to Dorney Park in Pennsylvania for 2 days. B's colleague hooked us up with 10 tickets, a hotel suite, and dinner at a very upscale restaurant. I don't know if W is ready for a place like that, LOL. The kids had cabin fever all day today and got on each other's nerves a little too much for me. I definitely need to get them out of the house every day. When they weren't killing each other, the girls made popcorn, watched a movie, picked out their clothes to pack, worked on their websites, IM'd their friends, and talked on the phone. W and I looked through an old "Museum Tour" catalog (educational toys and kits), read stories, and played with the bird.

J has been into documentaries lately - especially ones about foreign cultures. We watched "Going Tribal" last night and she was fascinated with the Mongolian nomadic oxen-herding people. She asked a lot of questions and thoguht it would be fun to live with them for a week. Another cool thing was today when I was reading some old NYHEN (Yahoo Group) posts. She was sitting next to me and when I came to a misspelled word I highlighted it and she would spell it correctly. She's great at finding mistakes. (A little too good sometimes, lol).

We're going to my mom's on Saturday. B will be working at the US Open so it will just be the kids and me. We may sleep over. The kids have dentist appointments next week, as well as the eye doctor for K so she can get her contact lenses. I still can't believe summer is just about over. Wow.

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