Monday, August 15, 2005

"Mom, will you teach me how to read?"

This is W's weekly plea. He said it again this afternoon. I don't know what he wants me to do, exactly. He likes to read little stories on preschool websites and type words in. Today he went to and played several games. We read a couple of books together. We played Crazy 8s. He did some quizzes on a V-Tech toy we have. He wants to read. I try sitting him on my lap and having him read what he can to me, but lately he acts like he doesn't know how to sound out the words and just looks at it blankly. He has been sounding out words for months, so I don't know what's going on. I don't mind, but he seems to want me to DO something about it. I've tried everything to make him happy (structured lessons, informal lessons, games, videos, word puzzles, typing practice, reading aloud, songs, toys, even stupid flash cards). He wants to read and wants me to magically make it happen.

I cleaned a lot today. I washed the window curtains, the shower curtain (and put up new liner), the doorframes and baseboards, the outside of the pantry closet, the whole bathroom, a load of towels, and the radiator cover in the living room. J and W both asked to help wash something so I gave them the parts closest to the floor (my back aint what it used to be). I was glad for their help. I have decided that I want all white linens and towels from now on. I will paint the bathroom white (after I scrape the rest of the wallpaper off) above the light blue tiles, I want white kitchen small appliances, and I want to touch up all the white paint in the apartment. My walls are sage green, the bedrooms are blue, and all have white ceilings and moldings. I love it. I get into this I-want-to-change-things-in-this-damn-apartment mood every autumn. I figure since I won't be moving any time soon, I might as well make it look like a new place once in a while! LOL!

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Patrice said...

That's what went on with my oldest. She's going to be 6 in December. She wanted to read, she wanted me to teach her. (this was when she was 4) When I tried to teach her at her request, she "didn't know anything" of a sorts. No sounding, she knew all her letters early, but suddenly she didn't know, all that stuff. But then she learned on her own. I have no idea how. I think it was the wanting to know, and the frustration of me not "teaching" her how she wanted or needed to be taught that led her to her own discovery. Now she's not the best reader, but I'd say she's at least on par with her age. It's a funny stage. Kids know so much.