Saturday, August 20, 2005

I never did get a return phone call from the sup't office. I spoke to my h/s friend today and she got the same letter, so I won't bother to call again. If they need something from me I'm sure they won't waste any time making sure I'm notified. Grr. So my h/s group is having a get-together Monday. I'm excited! It's been a while since I've been to one. My group created chapters for Queens, Nassau, and Suffolk so things are easier to manage, I guess. And, they are doing away with the yearly fee! The money used to pay for all the postage for all the mailings, but now everything is being done by email. Since I paid in April, I should be getting a refund in the mail soon. Woohoo! I really want to try and be more involved in the group's activities.

Today I started ripping out the rug in J's room. There is sheet linoleum under the rug and a nice wood floor under that. The linoleum is like paper and rips right up. The hardest thing is getting all the carpet tacks and staples out of the floor. I got about 1/4 of the rug removed. I think I'll paint the room before I rip out the rest of the rug. Once that's all done, I can take down the bunkbeds (W shares the room with J right now, but will switch with K in a few years), move around some furniture, and buy a new ceiling fan and bedding. K wants me to paint her room LIME GREEN. I may have to see about that. J doesn't know what color she wants - although she mentioned beige a few times. I figure I can spend a few hours a day on the rooms and hopefully get it all done by mid-autumn.


Anonymous said...

Wow, when I was in NY thinking of Homeschooling, I couldn't find groups. It's nice that it's Queens and the Island.

Wow, that sounds like alot of work. I couldn't imagine ripping up carpeting, although I would do it b/c I HATE carpeting.

Lime green? Cool. I like it. It's a happy color and good for keeping alert that's for sure. I think it's easier to accesorize for Lime Green these days as well.

NYCitymomx3 said...

NY has a couple of good groups. In the beginning they were hard to find (or get responses to). Ripping up rug sucks. But I've grown to hate carpet - what is living in there anyway?! Yuck. I may consider the lime green. It will end up being W's room again so I don't really want to have to repaint it. But we'll see. LOL