Thursday, August 11, 2005

I have been seeing a lot of message board posts about plans for the first day of school. I was thinking about that. Most unschoolers have no dividing line through learning times. I guess we are probably different from most unschoolers in that 2/3 of my kids are going to school which kind of creates a "first day" for J. September is when I will resume my record keeping on J's learning. Also, sup't correspondence is from September to June. And in the hours without her siblings around, J tends to be more creative, motivated, and has more time to think and concentrate. So yeah, we do have a "first day of school" in a sense.

I keep a list of suggestions and ideas for J in case she starts wandering around the house complaining she's bored. She refers to it often. On it are things like: Science experiment, Nature walk, Read-aloud, Website game/quiz, Craft project, Library, Journal writing, Letter to pen/e-pals, Board game, Cooking, Gardening, Trip, Playground (biking, skating), etc. Some of these may seems so academic, but J created this list with me based on all the things she loves to do. I also still think that J would like making lapbooks. I want to show her some online and maybe we can make a few together (or I'll just make my own! LOL).

This weekend we're going to the Dragon Boat Festival at Flushing Meadow Park. There will be a lot of Chinese cultural events and activites, as well as ethnic music, food, and boat races all day. I have been so determined to "do Manhattan", that I forget that Queens has so many things to experience as well. I want to get out there and do it all! I have such a great feeling about this year. I want it to be amazing and unforgettable. I want to see how incredible homeschooling (unschooling!!) really can be - especially in a town like this.

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Patrice said...

Arrrgghh. You've got me more homesick again. LOL! Can you believe I'm looking at homes right now in College Point and Glendale--even though we can't afford to come back--what's Lotto up to? ROFL! Sounds like a great time. You know, just doing things normally in NY, you never realize how different things are until you're not there. I mean I live in a city, it's nice, there is lots to do here, but I can't just jump on a bus or train to do it, and being that I have NYitis, I am a 35 year old who can't drive. ROFL! Have fun at the festival.