Tuesday, August 30, 2005


SCHOOL YEAR _________
Annual Assessment

HOMESCHOOLING STUDENT: _________________
STUDENT I.D. #: (optional)
DATE SUBMITTED: June 30, 20__

______ has satisfactorily completed at least 80% of the required material for this year. She has made adequate academic progress in all subjects and has surpassed 900 hours of instruction. Highlights of the year include:

o Several academic field trips, including the NY Hall of Science and Metropolitan Museum of Art
o Significant improvement in reading comprehension
o Greater interest in grade-level and advanced mathematics
o Fun and interesting study of pioneer life
o Creation of her own website and weblog
o New fascination with science experiments, sign language, geography, computers, and banking.

_______ will begin 4th grade in September 20__.

Parent’s Signature

If your child is in 4th to 8th grade and took a standardized test in the spring, you can include a sentence that he/she has taken XX test and has "achieved a composite score in the XX percentile" or "exceeded the 33rd percentile", or "made a year of progress". The district may ask for a copy of the results (NYC does). This is fine, just make a copy and send it.  This assessment sample was created from J. Munson's format.

Keep in mind:  Test results can stand alone AS your annual assessment.  You do not need to also write a narrative.  (I just prefer to).

(More about NY paperwork)


Anonymous said...

thanx, I really appreciate somebody leaving a well done assessment fo others to view.

Rose- Upstate said...

I really can't believe how much easier it is than I had led myself to believe. With all the section 1.this and subparagraph that I was dreading the paper work the school might expect from me. Thank goodness i don't have to be an attorney to say my kid did stuff, learned stuff, and in general his brain swelled this year!
Thank YOU for you great examples!

Anonymous said...

Thank you soooo much for these wonderful examples! This helps so much and really takes the stress out of reporting!
NY homeschooling mom <3

Anonymous said...

Your blog is the most comprehensive and insightful resource for NYC home schoolers I have come across since I first began homeschooling my own child 3 years ago. Thank you so much for making the regulations so clear and providing such great examples! I have always dreaded annual assessments!

Anonymous said...

Omg this is the best help I was lost trying to figure out how to write a letter thank u so much

Anonymous said...

best wishes ,thank you so much!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for your samples. They have been a godsend as I navigate the intricacy of homeschooling for my 1st grader!

Unknown said...

This is my first year home schooling in NYC. Can you do your own assessments? I was under the assumption that you needed someone else to write it. My child is in the 1st grade so he did not have testing done. Thank you in advance for you help. I found your blog most helpful!

NYCitymomx3 said...

Hi Claudia - Yes you can do your own narrative assessments. You can also test every year (although most of us wait til 5th grade).

Unknown said...

Thank you!! I appreciate your help. Love your blog!

Mary said...

I heart you! lol I just stumpled upon this blog desperately looking for an example of the end of the year assesment…you have helped me tremendously today THANKS! I will be following your blog ;)
Are you on HSNY?

jojosaint said...

Hello. What kind of verbiage would you recommend for a child whom we are holding back? Thanks!

Unknown said...

Thank you very much for this letter sample.

Our kid was homeschooled at kindergarten grade.

Question : does this annul assessment test should be submitted also after kindergarten grade? Asking about this, because we missed to do so.

momof3boys said...

Hi I have a 9th grader and I am going to unschool, so I'm wondering how I would write quarterlies and assessments? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. You can email me at laurenmpiliero@yahoo.com. Have a great day!

jojosaint said...

Hello, momof3boys.... I am a mom of 3 boys, too, lol! This link will take you directly to verbiage for Quarterlies: http://www.homeschoolnyc.com/homeschooling-ten-steps/records.html#quartrep. The IHIP link above it goes hand-in-hand with it. For assessments, just write a letter stating that your child passed each subject (give a grade if you wish) and say that they'll be moving on to grade ___ the following school year. Done. Note, starting grade 4, they have to take standardized tests every two years. I use Hewitt's pass test which is geared toward homeschoolers. You can administer the test yourself and take all the time you need with it. Good luck!

momof3boys said...

Hello thank you for that info. I have been using the one listed on here so far. I am just curious with unschooling and not having a curriculum and keeping track of things learned. My son is almost 15 and he literally learns so much every day and to log it all would be a lot of work. I don't want to get into any trouble as you know. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Feel free to email me :)