Wednesday, March 23, 2005

The first thing J wanted to do this morning was get back on that folk-cultures website and grab the globe. We were at that for an hour and a half! She found the countries and capitals much faster than I did and was so proud of herself. This is the kind of information she will retain well since it was she who initiated it and enjoyed it so much. Then she made an Easter-themed diorama with watercolor and tempera paints, construction paper, and an old cardboard shoe box. It was pretty detailed. We didn't follow our normal schedule today, but followed her lead instead. I think she might have finally gotten a bit of an unschooling spark. She doesn't care too much about TV anymore and I have noticed her imaginative play has increased. She did a puppet show with W yesterday, made-up a few original hip-hop dances, and even started cleaning her room!

The weather here sucked today and will continue to suck for the next few days. We are still going somewhere special tomorrow, since I promised. It might be fine, though, since in bad weather places like that are usually empty. W's school break started and I would like to go somewhere on most of the days. He gets antsy if we're stuck inside all day. I have to come up with a really good game plan in order to keep J in some sort of learning mode. When those 2 are together it gets loony around here. LOL!

K has a 3-day trip to Pennsylvania in May with the whole 6th-grade. I don't know how I feel about that. It makes me terribly nervous and I know I hold those apron strings a bit tightly, but I'm leaning toward letting her go. I mean she'll be 12 this year. I had way more freedom at her age. But times were different then. I watch those damn news stories and freak out. But on the other hand, I want her to have these great experiences. This is part of the reason I chose this middle school for her - because they do the coolest stuff. I have until Monday so I guess I really need to think this through.

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