Friday, March 04, 2005

Yesterday J just watched a few of educational videos we got from the library: one on Sentences, one on Punctuation, and a kids chess tutorial. She woke up later than usual so it was an easy day. She had dance in the late afternoon. It's wonderful to see how great all the kids get along. A friend of mine from J's old school called me last night - something about the school newsletter. She didn't realize we weren't there anymore. I told her about our homeschooling and she was supportive and encouraging and is giving my phone number to another hs mom in the area with kids around J's age! YAY! Maybe finally I can meet others!

This morning J and I were discussing fruit/veg seeds and mentioned what had seeds or pits and what didn't. I said that lettuce and celery don't have seeds and I'm not sure what exactly they do have. J said they have "hearts". I will be looking that up later. She surprised me this morning also by creating her own pepper shaker out of various things around the house. Then she played with an electronic game about the 50 states - capitals, state nicknames, famous people from each state, landmarks, etc. She really does seem to be learning so much on her own. It's mornings like these that prove to me I made the right decision in homeschooling!

Today she is copying a Shakespeare sonnet. She likes it, I think. We are continuing with Little House, Math, U.S. History, Science, Spanish, and Journal Writing. She's actually excited about it all because she knows I try to make it fun and interesting. We basically just read books together and do fun projects. Nothing tedious or tiresome. I got her a set of CDRoms yesterday that cover 1st to 6th grades. I think she'll like them. It's all fun learning games covering everything from astronomy to Spanish. 13 CDRoms for less than $30 - Not bad.

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