Friday, March 18, 2005

We just got back from the Ringling Bros. Barnum/Bailey circus! It was out at Nassau Colliseum. All the preschool kids and parents (and a couple of siblings) came. It was really fun. I felt a bit sick the whole time since I got home last night at around 4am. M and I met our cousin (C) in downtown Manhattan. We hung out at a bar called Shades of Green and one called Bar None. I was drinking pints of Harp and Sierra-Nevada on tap and catching up with C. After I got home I fell asleep at 4:30am and got up at 8am to get W and J dressed to get to school fast or we'd have missed the bus for the circus. I felt really gross and hung-over. The last thing I needed this morning was a busload of screaming 4-year-olds, but except for a couple of waves of nausea, I was ok.

J and I didn't "do school" today. That's fine. She was so helpful at the circus and on the bus. She has dance later and no competitions this weekend - actually none til the middle of April. Woohoo! After dance yesterday we went straight to MIL's for dinner and I fixed her computer while everyone watched "The Incredibles". I'll watch it tonight. I didn't go to the homeschool meeting. I realized it was in a really bad part of town (and in NYC a bad part of town is really bad) and I didn't want to risk life and limb (and car) for it. I'll find another one.

I feel like staying in bed all weekend.


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