Sunday, March 13, 2005

We're back from a 2-day dance competition. J performed in 3 numbers and received 3 platinum ribbons! Her small group also received a special award for best costume and they won overall best performance by a petite (7-8 y/o) group. Awesome 2 days. J loves competitions and loves being with her friends. I feel she is learning so much about working as a team, winning and losing, and she has such a great sense of self. I see her enthusiasm spilling over into other areas - like learning. I hoped so much that I would see that "spark" come back in her. She looks forward to reading with me now and even asks for me to read the folktales I get from the library to her. She still won't voluntarily read on her own, but I think she will soon. Her reading level is several grades ahead, but you'd never know it. I love seeing her happy about learning again. I haven't seen her this way since she was 5.

My dad made a comment this morning that J is always happy.



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