Thursday, March 10, 2005

I am so sick and tired of all this middle school drama. There is one girl who is just out of her mind - a total attention seeker who turns her friendship on and off with K every week. K is so outgoing and friendly and tends to wear her emotions on her sleeve. This is making her an easy target for this crazy nutjob. She told K she's a witch and performs spells and loves her Ouija board. Sigh. K is still handling this pretty well, though, I think. I ran out of things to say to help. I sucked at this kind of thing in school.

J and I had a good day, though. She got in a good Spanish lesson watching Standard Deviants on PBS. We did more Little House and she spent 20 minutes on multiplication and fractions on She had dance from 5-7 and thank goodness W slept the whole time. K and I sat in the car and talked and made each other laugh a lot. I can't find my debit card so no supermarket today. We ordered Chinese.

I have now found and will soon join THREE local homeschooling groups! Each have a yearly fee of around $30, but that's fine. The activities and meetings planned look really fun and interesting. I hope J finds at least one good friend out of it all. Phone calls to her old school friends are getting fewer and fewer. Thank God for dance. Now those are some really nice kids.

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