Friday, March 25, 2005

We ended up staying home yesterday. The kids were dying to go to the NY Hall of Science in Flushing Meadow Park. So, I went on the website and checked out admission price and directions. I saw that adults were $11 and kids were $8 each. Then I saw that Fridays from 2 to 5pm were FREE so that would definitely be our best bet. I had to sing today at Good Friday mass and since B was off from work he took them. Even parking was free today - well, it probably wasn't, but since there was no lot employees around, it was free by default! (heh heh). They loved it. They went to all the stations and did lots of cool science experiments. Their favorite was the huge bubble tank and the optical illusion mirror. In the Magic Schoolbus room they saw bearded dragons and a turtle that ate goldfish (they were too fast for him today!). Then they ate in the cafeteria and went outside to the Science Playground. Starting in April the playground has fun water-play things. I guess we're just going to have to go back their in a few months! Check it out!

I love Flushing Meadow Park. They have a nice carousel and right across from the nice-sized zoo they have a nice-sized petting zoo where during the summer kids can go into the barn and do a craft. They also have the Queens museum of Art where every Sunday there is a drop-in program for kids. The Queens Theater in the Park is there, too. J used to have her dance recitals there. About 50 feet away from the theater are those tall spaceship-looking towers where Will Smith fought that huge bug-thing at the end of Men In Black. They were left over from the World Fairs. There is also the USTA Tennis Center where the US Open is held every year. My friend Ben installed all the lighting for that place. And the Flushing Meadows Ice Skating Rink. We went there so much last year and didn't get there once this year. They close from April to October. Oh yeah, and there's Shea Stadium, too - home of the NY Mets. I'm a Yankee fan actually, but I still love that park. Read more about it!

We're going out to my mom's tomorrow. She wants to take the girls and me to the mall to get our nails done. She also wants to buy the girls some clothes. She never thinks they have enough. K and J already requested we go to Abercrombie Kids - and I'm sure Mom will not hesitate to go there first. Since we're not going to be there for Easter we will probably go out to a restaurant for dinner. There's no need for mom to cook. She is going to get grandma from the nursing home and take her out to eat for Easter on Sunday. We are going to MIL's for Easter. She is such an amazing cook. She got a nice Polish ham from a little shop in Greenpoint, Brooklyn the other day. It's famous for it's Polish foods and the line was out the door with people buying Easter dinners. She also bougt 2 huge kielbasas. She made them for us last night with baked beans and homemade sauerkraut. I can't wait for Sunday dinner!

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Enjoy your day of pampering and have a Happy Easter!