Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Ok, so I'm back to keeping an "activity log" on the computer. I made a table on a Word document with every subject from the NY regulations listed in the left-hand column and everything J does pertaining to them in the right-hand column along with the date. This way, I can refer to it when preparing my quarterly report. I started my first q-report this morning and practically drew a blank when trying to remember all the stuff we covered over the last month. I think it came out OK, though. I am not using the blank one they sent me because I'd rather not hand write everything in, but I did follow their format. It's not due until March 30th so I'll probably keep adding to it until I mail it. I called the supt. office again yesterday (I'm such a pain) and they said they DID receive my IHIP and I would only hear back from them if their was a problem with it. I told them my first one got lost in the mail (supposedly) and if I didn't call I would have never known they didn't receive it. Whatever. I'll just make sure to send everything certified mail from now on.

J decided she didn't want to do anything on the schedule today. I said fine. Then later on, I kinda regretted that because she watched TV all day. I said she could watch Reading Rainbow or Standard Deviants but she didn't. I later explained to her that I would never force her to do any work, but she's not homeschooled to sit around and do nothing all day. I guess I probably should have came up with ideas for her, but I got caught up writing the quarterly report. It's also difficult for me to just create things to do. I'm not creative at all. I am lost without a schedule. They did their own creative stuff, though. J made robot costumes out of old cardboard boxes. She and W were wearing theirs and being silly, changing the words to "I'm a Little Teapot", adding the word butt in the middle somewhere. Eventually, she agreed that from now on we are sticking with the schedule I made. I promised her that we would only use it as a daily guideline, that she would have a lot of choices, and that I would do my best to see that she enjoys it.

K's project made it into the competitive part of the Science Fair. Only 3 kids per class qualify to compete for awards. I'm excited to see how her project does.

I am running into various school moms in the supermarket in the mornings. I know they know we're homeschooling, but no one mentions it and just casually say Hi to us. I wonder if I'm just paranoid and expecting everyone to bombard me with questions and comments. If I see one, I find myself trying to avoid her a little so I don't have to explain things. I gotta get over that.

We're going to the library tomorrow again, weather permitting. It snowed again today. It was weird. This morning it was 55 degrees and all of a sudden it was 24 and snowing. My car was a huge ice cube and I had to use a hanger to scrape the ice off all the windows. Even the doors were frozen shut. My street is one long sheet of ice. Where are the salt trucks?

HaPpY BiRtHdAy, to my sweet baby!!

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