Wednesday, March 02, 2005

I am learning how to put photos on this blog. I don't have the full hang of it yet, but, hey, I'm trying, lol! I am choosing photos that will still retain a little anonymity (sp?) for me and my family. I hope you understand. But you'll still get a jist of what we look like and things we do.

We did find a cool "stone age" project to do yesterday. I filled a spray bottle with orange paint and water and sprayed around the kids' hands on coverstock paper. The outline of their hands remain and it looks cool.

Today after the morning work, we went to the library and got lots of stuff. I asked if they have any "tween" programs before 3pm. They don't. Unfortunately, no place around here has any daytime activities for older kids. I still have yet to meet another homeschooler. Every group I tried has been a bust. There is one that I have to pay $35 a year to be a part of, but I haven't gotten around to that yet.

K got into the school play (which is hard to do!) and hopes for a really great part this year. W's birthday party is this weekend - which conflicts with J's dance rehearsal and competition meeting. Sigh. We have about 12 kids coming to the playspace for the party. Should be fun. OMG my baby is turning 4!!

Here's W at another birthday party:

Here's a pic of K and J from last year:

And here's B with the band. They had a gig in Greenwich Village last night. They totally rock!:

I think I'm having too much fun with the pictures. And when I find a good one of me (haven't so far), I'll put it up.

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