Monday, March 14, 2005

We did pretty good following my schedule today. We did Little House (I really love that book), Copywork (Dickinson), Math (school workbook - 2-digit multiplication and division with word problems), Spanish (tv), and Piano. J is having a ball with it so far. I let her choose the course of the morning. I notice she's more "into it" that way. Fine with me. I also read 2 folktales to the girls this afternoon. They loved them.

B took off from work today. He participates in a Focus Group every now and then and today's was 2 hours. It's like being part of a big survey and he just answers opinion questions and walks out of there with $150. Cool, no? He has so much vacation time this year he figured why not just take the whole day. He got a gift the other day from a sales rep. It was $100 worth of steaks from Omaha Steaks. It was nice to have him home to cook a few of them! He cooks way better than I do.

K has resolved all problems with crazy nutjob girl (CNG). CNG has apologized and K is playing it real cool and will never trust her again, although will be nice. CNG believes she is a witch and the devil wants her for something evil and that's why she was so nasty. Sigh. Ok. Whatever. K cannot believe how weird CNG is. But, at least K isn't calling to come home or letting her grades suffer. K has the upper hand now, after telling CNG off last week. I am proud of her for sticking up for herself and not taking any crap from anyone. I'm so happy that K still tells me everything (well, a lot, anyway) and I feel we have a very close relationship. I was just reading that Queen Bee/Wannabe book and I cannot believe how dead on it is. Scary.

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