Friday, March 11, 2005

We are making such good progress with reading. J has improved tremendously on her comprehension. Maybe with the next book we will start on written narrations. She could type out a summary per chapter or something. We played Monopoly today, too. I bought the Deluxe Edition yesterday. You can learn so much playing that, like: addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, money, banking, saving, spending, mortgaging, trading, negotiating, probablility, debt, bankruptcy, estimation, decision making, consequences, tax, rent, real estate, percentage, basic counting, and handling a lot of monetary situations that adults face. I'd like to play that with the girls at least once a week.

I feel so unprepared for tomorrow's dance competition. J's stuff is all still in the car from the last one. We don't have to leave tomorrow til 11:30am so I have most of the morning to organize. I picked up bobby pins, safety pins, and hairspray before. Her team gear is all ready to go. Her costumes don't need any fixing up. She needs new jazz shoes, but that can wait til next time. I think I need to get her some black tights tomorrow. I'll just run into the drug store in the morning for anything I forgot.

For all of you reading this, don't be shy - leave a comment! I would love to hear from anyone out there.


Deanne said...

Hi, I followed your link from MDC. I really admire the work you are doing with your children and really enjoy reading about it. I only have read back the last week or so, but wanted to mention that when you felt that you didn't much accomplished the day you went to the supermarket, you actually did. She got an incredible lesson in mathematics. Also in life skills. Just remember that regardless of what most people think, children learn through many regular everyday kind of activities. :) I really need to get on the ball with my son and keep track of our homeschooling stuff. I am going to check out the homeschooling blogs. What an awesome thing!

Janet said...

Typing up chapter summaries is a neat idea. Has she done book reports? We've had Maddie give her dad oral book reports from time to time. Not much detail is given since she's so young, but it is another good way to see if she's picking up on what she's reading.

NYCitymomx3 said...

Thank you both for leaving great comments. Deanne, I agree. Sometimes, the days I feel we are doing "nothing" are actually pretty productive. I have to keep that in mind! Janet, she did book reports in school. In Kindy she used to have to do them all the time because she was "beyond" the workbooks they did in class. I think this made her eventually hate reading and writing. I am going so slowly with her. She loves typing, so doing her summaries on the computer might be a good way to get her writing skills back. We'll see!