Monday, March 07, 2005

Today at the supermarket J was such a big help. She reminded me of everything I kept forgetting! She asked a ton of great questions - whys and hows - about everything from preservatives to bargains. We bought fries at 3/$5. I asked her what one bag would cost and she came up with $2 first, then changed it to $1.69. Very close! And I was amazed at how quick she was with her answer. We also went to Toys R Us to get W's presents. By the time we got home, unloaded the groceries, and hid the toys, it was time to pick up W. So, needless to say, we veered off the schedule today.

J always acts so mature when we're alone together and then as soon as a sibling gets home, she regresses to the behavior of a 3 year-old. It drives me nuts! She whines and complains and teases incessantly. And forget about getting ANYTHING scheduled done. W is bored and restless when he's home during the day and J needs structure without distractions so W going to school full-time in September will work beautifully for all of us.

K presented her Science Fair project last week and got a 98! This was the highest in her class. I'm hoping she gets some sort of overall award. There are 14 6th-grade classes in her school. Last year she placed 3rd in her grade and won the "Environmental Award". All of K's grades have been excellent this year. I am already looking at high schools. I would love her to get into a top specialized high school. Either that or a full scholarship to one of the top parochial high schools around here. NY has so many high schools, but 75% of them suck. I only really like 2 or 3 (out of about 30).

Play practice starts this Saturday as well. It's from 8:30am to 1pm. J has a competition that day (all day) and my niece's birthday party is that afternoon. J and I won't make it to the party, but B, K, and W will hitch a ride upstate with MIL since I'm taking the car. No problem.

Tomorrow is W's actual birthday. He's bringing in Munchkins to celebrate. The teachers always prefer those. I'm glad he likes them, too - it makes things so easy. We got him Spiderman sneaker-skates and J picked out something for her and K each to give him.

The kids got their Sunday School report cards. K didn't get one for some reason. J got 4 As, 5 Es, and comments were: "(J) is continuing to work well. Her participation is excellent and she is very enthusiastic". W got 5 Es and his comments were: "(W) is a trip. He listens to directions and brings joy in the class. He also knows how to do the Sign of the Cross". Very proud mom, here.

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