Monday, March 21, 2005

The quarterly report is now signed and ready to mail. I got a letter from the Supt. office stating that "in order to be in compliance with the Regulations of the Commissioner of Education, Section 100.10, all appropriate documentation verifying home schooling of your children needs to be submitted in a timely manner. Any missing items must be submitted immediately.". They did put that line in bold. And then I got a little chart with what they received so far (letter of intent and ihip) and what needs to be yet sent in (quarterly reports #3 and #4 and the annual assessment). Geez, they make it sound so damn complicated and technical. All they had to say was, hey, your quarterly report is due soon. Don't forget! I am so not sweating this.

J was eager to do follow our schedule today. We started with LHBW and she just wanted to keep on reading and reading. It was great. We're up to the part where they explain how to collect the maple sap to make maple syrup. I am so pissed - we were supposed to go to "Maple Weekend" upstate and see how the whole process is done and then have a big pancake breakfast. I totally forgot about it. Anyway, she was very interested in that and can tell you the whole process from memory. Then she did 3 pages of multiplication and 2 pages of cursive practice (in lieu of copywork - which she doesn't feel like doing at all lately). Then we went online together to learn about folk customs. We found a great website that had a slideshow with about 50 different people from all over the world dressed in traditional clothing and various houses from different regions. J got the globe and found all the countries (Yemen, Syria, Uzbekhistan, Samoa, etc) and looked closer to find each country's capital. She absolutely had a ball with that and was upset when we had to cut it short to pick up W.

I was trying a free sample today in the supermarket and the sample woman saw J and asked where she goes to school. J looked at me as if she didn't know what to say. I said she's homeschooled with total confidence and a big smile. This woman smiled back and said "Good for you, that's wonderful". Ahhhhhhh. Love it. Then we got into this big discussion about how her grandchildren in Michigan were homeschooled, went to college, and were so advanced, they finished a lot of courses way ahead of schedule. Then we spoke about ADHD and autism and diabetes and how dietary changes affect so much, and chiropractors, and gifted kids. Thank goodness we were right next to the ball and hula-hoop diplay. J and W kept busy!

I went clothes shopping late this afternoon and got the kids Easter outfits. K's class is going to a museum tomorrow and she wanted to look nice. I always cave in. I love Kohl's, though. Everything is always 30%-40% off. The kids were so well behaved today - it was such a pleasure going shopping.

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