Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Here we go. Back in the swing of things. J got so much done today and was so happy doing it. We started with reading. We got 6 pages read from Little House an she gave a great narrative. Her copywork today was a Dickinson poem. She took a break from the math workbook and spent 1/2 hour reducing fractions and reviewing times tables on She read a list of all the US presidents and vice presidents to me. She is fixated on Kennedy and today at the library chose a book on him.

We also did Science today. I opened the old textbook to the Table of Contents and let her pick a section. She chose the Human Body. We read a bit from that and from the new Human Body book I bought a few weeks ago. She learned about all the body's "systems" and we focused on the Circulatory System.

After we picked up W, we went to the library and got more educational videos, 2 folktales, 2 books about pioneer life (keeping with the Little House time period), and that book on JFK. At home, the younger kids played Play-Doh for a while and after I picked up K, they all spent an hour painting with watercolors. I love watercolors. They look so beautiful. I think I'm going to frame one picture from each of them. Then, K and I watched "Supersize Me" while J and W played computer games.

I think I found a good homeschool group! They're having a meeting right in my neighborhood next week. I'm so excited! I ran into K's principal today. She and I got to talking and she asked J where she goes to school. I said we're actually homeschooling now. She had the most perplexed look on her face. So, I said I took J out of XXX school because I felt she needed a bit more and how that school was too focused on test scores and things are really going well now and WHY CAN'T I EVER JUST STOP TALKING??!! She asked how long I plan on hs'ing and I said we're taking things year by year and oh by the way... And she jumped in with "yes, we take homeschooled children, all she needs to do is take a test".

Of course.

So, J has that option open to her. If she eventually wants to go to that middle school (which is the ONLY one around here I would send her to), then I'm glad they'd have no problems with the fact that she's homeschooled. It's a "specialized" middle school with a very involved admissions process. I didn't think they dealt with homeschoolers. It's nice that they do. We'll just cross that bridge when we get to it.

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