Sunday, May 01, 2005

B and the kids all went to mass this morning, then to Sunday School. I stayed home to clean and relax. J went to her friend C's house around 1pm. C's family is celebrating Greek Easter today and I'm glad J was asked to enjoy it with them. K has been keeping herself busy today. She cut apart an old baseball to see what was inside. Then she took some coverstock paper, glue, scissors, and magazines and made a collage. She also wrote to her penpal in Spain. This girl went to Kindergarten with K before she moved overseas and they have been writing to each other ever since. W helped B make a huge Greek salad and then watched The Letter Factory and The Math Circus (Leapfrog). He was showing me how he spells words and making up a bunch of rhymes. I was pondering how long it would take him to learn to read if he was unschooled as well, and I really believe he'll be reading before he's 5 without much help from me. He enjoys playing with letters and words so much. The same goes for numbers.

7:20pm: I wanted to add more here about what W has done today because this shows me how much more children can learn on their own - just because they really want to. He brought me the globe and showed me Russia, China, Antarctica, Canada, Mexico, and 3 or 4 US states. He asked me to name about 10 more for him before using the globe as a basketball. He played Uno with B and helped cook dinner. Then before he fell asleep he started with the questions. He does this almost every night and a lot during the day, too. It's awesome to see those wheels in his head turning! Here was tonights round of questions:

- How do you make pies?
- How do people make computers?
- What do yellow and green make?
- What do pink and orange make?
- What do blue and black make?
- What do red and red make? Haha RED, I got you!
- What 2 words am I thinking of that start with B?
- What 2 words am I thinking of that start with D?
- What do you feel like when you're sad?
- What do you feel like when you're mad?
- Why do you have a moustache, mommy? (does he have to notice everything?!)

Then after answering everything as well as I could he closed his eyes and fell asleep on my lap. Such a wonderful time. He didn't feel so good last night, complaining of an earache. I made some of my powerful yet oh-so-simple ear remedy and droppered some into his right ear. This morning he woke up at 7am yelling "My ear doesn't hurt anymore - Mommy's medicine worked! I love you Mommy!". I think I'll keep him.

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