Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Today I thought I'd do a "Day in the Life":

K woke up early, excited about her 3-day trip today. B got ready for work and W woke up. J woke up and got clothes out for W for school. I kissed K goodbye and drove W to school. J walked him down like always. At home, I had coffee and checked email and boards while J took a shower. J watched D-bops and Out of the Box and colored a picture with magic markers. She also checked out her weblog. We picked up W at 11:30 and came home and ate leftover Chinese food. J made herself tea, but the bag sort of broke and there was little black things floating on the top. We all ate mooshoo pork and J showed W the new wipe-off trace-the-letter book we bought him yesterday. They did that together for about 10 minutes before W lost the marker cap and J started yelling at him. W smacked J in the face with a plastic baseball bat and I yelled at him. J put the Batman DVD on for W. They watched that for a short while and I changed the channel and put on Noggin instead since no one was watching it. J made designs on a napkin with a red Sharpie marker and it leaked through onto my light wood table. She unsuccessfully tried cleaning it off and made white scrub marks on the table. I need a plastic tablecloth, sigh.

W played with Lincoln logs and made a square for me and actually put them away without protest. He played with his new magnet word book after that. He tried to sound out words and match the picture to the right word. J laid on the floor watching Blue’s Clues and then decided to do her Flags of the World Sticker book. She commented that Jamaica uses the dollar like we do and asked what Yen was. W played with the new globe, proud of knowing north, south, east, and west and pointing out Russia, Antarctica, and asking me the names of a bunch of other countries. I suggested they play a game where W points to a country and J tells him what it is and finds the capital. She liked that game last month. She did one and asked me to take them outside to play. She is not into any of my ideas lately.

They watched Maisy and called B at work. W found the harmonica. J and W both played with that for a bit. W brought me a book (I Love Trains) to read to him. I finally got showered and dressed and W fell asleep. J's head shot pictures were scheduled for 6pm so I helped her get ready. Her hair was pinned back on one side with a barrette and I applied some light makeup (I called the dancing school owner and she recommeded that). We got there a little too early so I brought W over a couple of blocks to get his hair cut. When we got back, it was J's turn and she went across the street where the photographer set up an area on the sidewalk in the natural sunlight. It was great. He took about 12 shots and they should be ready next week or so. We drove home and B had dinner all ready. We watched Lost and American Idol and everyone fell asleep.

Thoughts: I may have to put a limit on the tv. J doesn't usually watch any until W comes home, but then it just doesn't go off. I also have to make more of an effort to take the kids outside. The weather is warmer now and we should be out every day. I have to get to bed earlier so I'm not headache-y and exhausted the next day. I have to severely limit my computer time. I have become an info junkie and I should be spending my time more wisely - like with the kids! A final thought is that I am in this unschooling thing for the long haul. I promise to trust my children and let go of my own worries about this decision. I promise to focus on the JOY from now on.

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