Friday, May 13, 2005

Being more of an active facilitator with J's interests is benefitting both of us. This morning an interest was sparked when J saw me post a hyperlink to the MMA Egypt room on yesterday's blog post. It was her favorite part of the museum when we visited a few months ago. She wanted to look at that website and we looked at and commented on lots of art pieces. This led to questions about BC and AD and timelines. The website had a cool timeline and upon opening a section on North America in 8000-2000 BC, she read the time period’s description out loud. We looked at Central America and Europe’s section as well.

I feel it's important for me to actually see some of the obvious "academic" learning. I don't recall much of what else she does all day that I can describe as learning, but I think I'll get good at doing that one day. Keeping a daily or weekly log is what I need to do right now for my own peace of mind (and the superintendent off my back!).

J has also been practicing her new dance and rehearsing “Born to Entertain” for tomorrow’s audition. She came wih me to church today to sing for a Confirmation ceremony, so she skipped dance class. MIL watch the other 2 kids for me (I couldn't leave all 3 there - MIL can't handle all of them, lol). W's teacher gave me a big thumbs up when he came out today. W just said very matter-of-factly, "I don't get any time-outs anymore". I'm just glad he's enjoying it.

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