Friday, May 06, 2005

Have I mentioned that J is doing great? I didn't know what to expect once I took her out of school. And now that her learning is totally relaxed and self-initiated, I see a spark coming back. Without the pressure from friends to grow up too soon, she is once again enjoying things she had abandoned - like pigtails and coloring. I also see a sense of maturity growing. She has become a better decision-maker, offers to help out more, and even gets along with her siblings better.

Yesterday was another dance picture day. She wore one costume for individual pictures and another for the group picture. I am pleased with myself for not insisting she wear just one costume for both pictures since we only had 10 minutes to get both shots done. I am trying to incorporate unschooling into the rest of our lives - allowing a lot more than before and saying NO less. I have realized that not much in life is worth arguing about.

W has been doing excellently in school and has had no time-outs at all since the last time I posted about it. I had told him he didn't have to go anymore if he didn't want to and I wonder if giving him that choice made him think of school differently. Since he knows he's not being forced to go, he doesn't feel anxious about it. I don't know. What I do know is that letting my kids have choices (even at 4 years old!) seems to be making them more self-confident. I have a lot less stress, too.

K is coming home today! She called me several times saying how much fun she's having. I'm glad I let her go. I feel it was a great experience for her. I'm picking her up at 4pm and I just want to hug her for an hour. I'm dropping J off at dance an hour early (she'll be with her friend who's sister is in the class before) so I get over to K. I'm bringing W to MIL's house early, too. I'm picking up J at 5:30 and we are having dinner at MIL's. B has a gig tonight in lower midtown Manhattan, so he won't be home til late. We have a wedding tomorrow in the evening and I'm bringing all the kids to sleep over SIL's house (she has a new puppy!). Then we're picking them up on Sunday morning and going to my mom's for Mother's Day. We'll visit Grandma and Grandpa in the afternoon, have dinner, and probably get home late. I may not be able to write again til Monday. Have a great weekend!!

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